In a nut shell, here’s the exciting process of developing a website. It can feel very overwhelming in the beginning, so my job is to guide you safely through the development and to success.

In our first meeting we’ll access the project: I’ll asked you a bunch of questions about your business. What’s the purpose, how do you see yourself/your business, what is the “feel” you want to convey, etc. I’ll suggest options to you, several ways to go. From here I’ll give you an estimate… and off we go ..

.. I’ll provide you with some design options. We’ll review those options together to find the “look” and the “feel” of the site. Also we’ll talk more about the structure – what pages are needed. What is the message you want to get across? Which pages are the most important? Already we have begun Search Engine Optimization. You will now be able to view your site online in a realistic way ..

.. We’ve got the “look” so now the construction is happening. The content is needed – do you want help with text or choosing images? – You will see more pages online and we’ll be in close contact refining, redoing, just getting it perfect ..

.. It’s almost there .. the final touches are happening .. I’ll upload the site to your server in your domain .. More Search Engine Optimization ..

.. The site is up and looking good. I submit it to the Search Engines and we can do any final adjustments. If it’s a WordPress site, I’ll teach you how to edit it. Any more maintenance, up-dating or teaching you may need .. I’ll be there for you!

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