miscellaneous projects

Anything that can be shown on the web or in an email: static or rotating banner advertising, email invitations or just fun little animations.

Development from the initial concept to completion.






PhotoSynthesis 2015 – e-invite







Faces of Salt Spring show 2015 – banner on the saltspringexchange.com







Martinus – online advertisement

This six stage rotation grabs the eye with simplicity and style.







PhotoSynthesis 2013 – e-invite






Little Santa – animated GIF

This was a fun little project creating a Christmas greeting. Originally drawn in Illustrator, the animated GIF can be pasted into an email and Little Santa is just in full swing ..







PhotoSynthesis 2010 – e-invite

This is a static image, created in Illustrator and converted to an web optimized jpg. The result is a very small but crisp file, which emails fast even on a slow internet connection.




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