attended graphic design school in Hamburg, Germany in the late 70’s.

Following her formal training, several years of work with ‘Studio Christoph Petersen – Packaging Design’ included projects for Reemtsma, Rothaendle, Colgate-Palmolive, Wasa, BP gasoline, Christian Henniger Beer, Melitta Coffee, Luene Best Yogurt, Astra Pilsner, Rowntree Macintosh, Gluecksklee.

As a free-lance commercial artist she expanded her experience and worked for a variety of studios in Hamburg. Some of her most notable projects were:

  • advertising campaigns for Peer Export, Lada, Dresdnerbank, Peer 100, Blaupunkt
  • sets for fashion shows – Marlis Moeller (hair stylist), Yucca Fashion, Wolfgang Joop Fashion
  • catalogues – Dibbern Collection, Firma Schoenwald
  • book covers – Edition Schelzky & Jeep

In the mid 80’s, after taking up residence in Canada, she continued her design work from her studio in a wide range of projects.

She also followed her passion for painting and experimented with a variety of different media, styles, and colours, in the intuitive process.

Christina embraced computer technology in the mid 90’s merging it with her traditional design methods.

Keeping abreast of ever changing technology, she now generates design on PC and Mac.

In April ’06 she graduated from the Web Design Certification Program at the Victoria School of Business and Technology (VSBT) –